Everyone was carbo-loading *rah*

The countdown is definitely on. As I write, my countdown timer is telling me I have 1 day 10 hours to go. The weeks of training are over and the carbo-loading phase has started. I went out to my final run last night and have been steadily increasing my carbohydrate intake over the last couple of days.

Now, I realise that carbo loading is an essential part of the marathon training plan. I also know that come Sunday my legs and body will thank me for scoffing down an extra-large bowl of pasta tonight, but right now, my brain does not. The problem is that alongside carbo-loading your body naturally withholds water, so I feel huge. I know I am not, but my brain refuses to believe it, which is why I hate carbo-loading.

I am going to persevere because as much as I dislike the carbo-loading phase, I have a PB in my sights and I am determined to succeed. I have not trained for weeks in order to fail now.

Until next time!

Helen xx


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