This is a very late post, as time seems to have accelerated wildly since I ran the marathon. Sorry!

The title of this post says it all really, but yes, on the 4th October I completed the 2015 Chester Marathon. What’s more, I completed it in a PB smashing time of 4:41:42. My previous PB was 5:06:23, set in London in 2011. Seriously, I don’t think that this smile is going to leave my face for a very long time.

This whole feeling seems very odd to me, I am not used to bragging about my running times. If has been such a long time since I set a PB that I have forgotten what it feels like to be happy about your finishing time. It’s addictive. I am now thinking about what is my next challenge; rather than chastising myself about failing, I am planning and looking forward. I love it!

The whole day was such a fantastic experience, the course was lovely, the support was exceptional and the organisation was seamless. If you are searching for an autumn marathon for 2016, I highly recommend this one.

Race Review

Overall Helen Rating: 

The weather

The weather was perfect for running a marathon, it was cool to begin with, but the sun came out as the race continued. I couldn’t believe it was October, the weather was glorious. It was a little warm at times, but not unbearable.

The support

Still Smiling!
Still Smiling!

Now this is where Chester Marathon comes into its own, and is one of the reasons why I chose to run this race again. The support that you get is amazing. Every time you run through a village it is a party atmosphere. We ran through one village and the pub had the music blaring and people were cheering, it felt more akin to a big city marathon rather than a country marathon. When we finally turned back into Chester for the final few miles the route was lined with people and support. Personally, I am a full on attention seeker, I soak it up and it spurs me on. It always surprises me how many people take time out of their day to support races, but I am glad that they do. The atmosphere at Chester is second to none, and I will be back again next year to experience it again.

The organisation

The organisation was super slick and the route was lined with marshalls. At each of the water stops, the volunteers were prepared and ready to hand out the water and gels, so no need to break your stride whilst fueling.

At the end of the race, when I went to collect my bag, the baggage volunteers saw us coming and actually met me at the door of the baggage hall with my bag. Now that is service! In fact, the whole post race routine was so slick, within an hour of finishing the race I was back in my hotel and running my bath!

Final thoughts

I loved the racing experience so much at Chester I have already signed up for my next race. My new challenges are the Leicester Marathon and Stratford 10K. Keep following me to find out how I do!

I just want to say a final “Thank You” to everyone that has sponsored me, and if you haven’t yet, please do. Just visit http://www.justgiving.com/helens-chester-challenge for more information.

Until next time

Helen xx


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