Weekly round up: 28th February

Since my last update,  my training had got better, until post run Friday (19th Feb) when I succumbed to the plague that has blighted the office for the last month. Oh how I love open plan offices. Unfortunately, this particular lurg was not at all conducive to an effective training regime.

Monday and Tuesday were out of the question, not just because I felt like death, but also because I was suddenly incapable of staying awake beyond 7pm. Wednesday, I did feel a little better so went out for my first run of the week, a gentle 7.5 mile wander around Rugby. One thing to note about Wednesday evening; it was COLD. It was 2°C when I went out and was literally freezing by the time I got back. While I was running I felt fine, and the cold weather seemed to be helping my breathing that was impacted by the cold.

Unfortunately, Thursday was not so great; and at lunchtime (after spending the majority of the morning coughing, sneezing and wiping everything I touched with hand sanitiser) I was persuaded by my colleagues that I would be better off at home.

Luckily I was back up to peak physical fitness by the weekend, which was fortuitous as I was entered into the Coventry Half Marathon, and I am now ready and raring to go for the week ahead.

Talking of which, here is my ambitious plan for the week. Find out next Monday how it went!

  • Monday: Recovery Run 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 9 miles including 4 x 1 mile at marathon pace
  • Thursday: Rowing (land based)
  • Friday: 10 miles including 7 mile threshold run
  • Saturday: Rowing (water based)
  • Sunday: 20 miles steady (aiming for 10 minute miles)

Happy Running

Helen xx


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