Knee-rly there! 

From a running perspective, this week has been absolute shocker. I should have been up to 40 miles but have barely managed 14. Why? My body seems to be falling apart and I am starting to panic.

Annoyingly the start of the week was fantastic with an excellent run with the running club on Monday, but then a couple of old injuries have resurfaced in the form of a stabbing pain in my right knee and hamstring. These little niggles brought an unscheduled end to a couple of runs mid week leaving me thoroughly annoyed and grumpy.

Normally, I would just try and power on through, but I am very aware that my race is not that far away now and I really don’t want to do anything now that will hurt my chances of completing it. Also,  I took the power on through option last year and ended up spending a lot of money on a physiotherapist and having 7 weeks of enforced rest during which I missed two races and was a joy* to be around.

Clearly, that is something I do not want to repeat, so I have rested for a few days and developed a love/hate relationship with my foam roller. Foam rolling is great and I fully appreciate the benefits, but bloody hell it’s painful. I was rolling my IT band on Thursday night and the pain brought tears to my eyes. It was excruciating.

I was feeling a lot better on Sunday so I thought a long run was in order to blow away the cobwebs. The less said about that run the better! It was a “run to be forgotten”. My knee started playing up almost immediately thanks to my chosen course being slightly more undulating than I expected. Unfortunately, as I had not been out properly since Monday, my stubborn side came out in force and I willed myself to continue. I managed just shy of 12 miles in total, but it was embarrassingly slow and  by the time I got back, I was in agony. I am my own worse enemy at times.

Here’s to a better week next week!

Happy running

Helen xx

* I thought I was managing it OK, those that have to spend time with me thought otherwise. Oops.


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