I feel like racing tonight, racing tonight!

Firstly, I am very sorry about how long it has taken me to get another post up. When I logged on this morning, it said that my last post was published two months ago! How is that even possible? I know they say that life speeds up as you get older, but this is ridiculous!

So what have I been up to?

Life has been phenomenally busy since my last post as the summer racing season is in full swing. In fact, since the Tewkesbury Half Marathon, I have raced four times and the calendar does not let up anytime soon!

Why so much racing?

‘Tis the season! As I mentioned many blog posts ago, I am now a fully-fledged member of the Spa Striders Running Club, and as such I am eligible to take part in all the league races that are put on around the county.

As a Warwickshire club, Spa Striders are a member of the Warwickshire Road Racing League (WRRL).  The League consists of a series of 12 races across a variety of distances where all the Warwickshire clubs compete against each other for running glory. As an added bonus, many of the races are also included in our intra-club summer series where we compete against each other for running glory.

As a relatively slow runner compared to my clubmates (which includes a super speedy woman who qualified for the London Marathon championship race this year, as well as  the current female GB 100km champion), I am not going to be able to win any points with my finishing times. So my only hope in getting any sort of decent position in the internal club competition is by racing lots. My hope is lots of mediocre performances might beat a stellar performance, hence the racing overload.

How’s it going?

So far, my results have been mixed. I have set a new PB over the 5-mile and 5km distance, although as it was the first time I have ever raced these distances I’m not sure it counts! The Northbrook 10km didn’t quite go to plan and I was an annoying 54 seconds slower than I had hoped (01:00:54 is not a nice time to see against your name) and the Arden 9 I entered and then had to pull out from as I had forgotten it was the same day as my little cousin’s christening (oops).

I am in the process of writing up a race report for each of these races, so watch this space!

What’s next?

My next races are the Stratford 6 miles (not 10km, 6 miles) and the Summer Shakespeare 10km where I hope to crush my 10km PB from last year! Sub 55 mins, here I come!

In summary, I am really sorry for the 2-month break, but I am back up and running now, so expect to be overrun with posts from here on in! Oh, and before I forget, I’m planning another marathon in November (it doesn’t do to be idle).

Hope you are all well. Until next time, happy running!

Helen xx


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