My Lenten Challenge

Greetings one and all, I’m back! Firstly, an apology for the significant hiatus between my last post and this one. The last few months have not been happy ones and as a result, my running, blogging and everything other than general existence seems to have taken a back seat.

In order to re-gain some semblance of equilibrium in tempestuous times, I decided I needed a challenge. Something to spur me into action and off the sofa. So, welcome to my Lenten Challenge.

Every year for Lent, I always give something up, last year was sugar, the year before was meat and a few years ago, I gave up wheat and dairy. This year, I was unsure what to ditch, so I have decided to take something up instead. This year, I am challenging myself to ditch procrastination, and am aiming to do some form of exercise everyday. 

I will be posting a weekly update on here throughout the challenge, so keep checking back to keep up with my progress. Here’s to a healthier 2017 from here on in, and on that note, I’m off to do some Yoga before I go to bed!

Speak soon and happy running

Helen xx


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