My sub-2 challenge

Hi everyone, and sorry for the extended hiatus on my blog. 2017 was not an easy year for me for many reasons (new house, new job, family bereavements) and as a result, my running really suffered. Also, on top of that, I started studying for a Masters part-time and as a result, I have barely had time to think, let alone write. I’ll put the tiny violin aside for now, because things are starting to calm down and I have a new challenge I wanted to share with you.

I am a little nervous writing this because it makes it all very real and I am generally terrified I am going to fail. Here goes. I have been running for over 11 years, and in that time, I have ticked off so many accomplishments. I have run nine marathons, completed numerous half-marathons, run sub 55mins in a 10km, learnt to swim and completed 5 triathlons, yet one long-held goal has so far eluded me; a sub-2hr half marathon.

This goal has haunted me for over a decade, a feeling made worse by the achievements of both my twin sister and my husband; both of whom managed to break the 2-hour barrier on their first try (and who both got into running because of me). I know how stupid it sounds to say that I am hung up on a time goal and that running a half marathon over 2 hours does not diminish my achievements, but turning up to a race in a club vest and then being outperformed by the majority of the field has left me with a serious case of imposter syndrome. I am the first person to espouse the benefits of joining a running club, however, I do have to add that sometimes being the slow one in the club does come with some drawbacks, and I do spend a large amount of my time feeling like a fraud.

My current Half Marathon PB stands at 2:09:59 set at the Great North Run in 2015, and I, along with 17 other club mates been in training hard since December with the hope to finally break 2hours at Coventry on the 18th of March. The goal is set, the date is set and the training is going well, I just pray that I can overcome the self-doubt in my heart and finally achieve it.

I’ll keep you updated.






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