The road to sub-2 starts again (AKA #StupidSnow)

Hi again!

After my last entry, it has taken me a few days to be mentally ready to write this post. I had hoped to be regaling you all with the story of how I finally managed to beat my long-held Half Marathon PB, but unfortunately (after 12 long weeks of training) the Coventry Half Marathon was cancelled.


We found out that it was cancelled on Friday 16th, and our reaction was one of incredulity; it was sunny outside, and most importantly, not snowing. No-one in our office (in Coventry) could believe that it was going to snow that weekend and we set our sights on trying to find another race to compete in. After a lot of searching, we came across Droitwich Half which had been rescheduled due to the snow a couple of weeks before. It looked like a fairly unforgiving course,  but it was due to go ahead and (most importantly) accepted entries on the day. Oh, how naive we were! Later that evening, the decision was made to cancel Droitwich, then Stafford, the list of cancelled races went on, and on, and on.

I would like to add here that I am very glad that I am not a race organiser and that they completely made the right decision in horrendous circumstances. In my 10+ years of running, I have never experienced a race cancellation until this year, and I 100% support both the Warwick and the Coventry Half Marathon organisers in their decision to do so. However, having both Spring races cancelled in quick succession has left me in a bit of a PB dilemma. I have already offered to pace the 2:30 crew around the Warwick Half which will be a lot of fun, but not great from a PB perspective. I have instead entered the Stratford Half on May 14th.

This gives me an additional 7 weeks to train and build-up some confidence in my ability to run 13.1 miles in under 2 hours. Personally, I like the Stratford Half a lot more than the Coventry Half, it’s a nice course and really well organised, the only negative is that it could be warm (hopefully it won’t snow), but after this winter, I will take any nice weather we can find.

Bring it on!






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