How I learnt not to hate swimming

I was checking out my Strava stats yesterday evening, and I noticed something. In the past 8-10 weeks, I have swum more than I did for the entirety of 2018. That might sound impressive, but I only did 3 hours of swimming in 2018, so it wasn’t an insurmountable challenge! Why did I swim so little last year? Easy! I hated swimming.


That’s not an exaggeration. The very act of going to the swimming pool used to get me super stressed, and as a result, I didn’t go. When I did go, I got bored almost instantly, which resulted in me bailing after about 20 mins and declaring the whole palaver a waste of time. Yet now, I actively go swimming twice a week, I am even considering a monthly swimming membership to my local pool! What’s more, I am contemplating upgrading my Garmin to a multi-sport version which includes swimming metrics. I don’t know who is more shocked in this turnaround, my family or me!

If you really want to like swimming, but haven’t quite got there, these are the five changes I made that helped to make swimming a far more enjoyable experience. I hope they help for you too!

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