About Me

My name is Helen and I have been running since 2005. I started running in a desperate attempt to lose some weight but soon found myself signed up for my first Great North Run. Since then I have run countless half marathons, two 10km races, a 5km race for life and plodded my way around 8 marathons.IMG_6447

I love the way that running makes me feel. It makes my soul soar and clears my head, and, for the most part, keeps the crazy away.

Although I love running, my motivation does tend to ebb at certain points in the year (normally around week 8 of marathon training), and I set up this blog in an attempt to keep myself honest and running all year around.

I am not a running expert and do not pretend to be. I am just a girl that loves to run and wants to share that enthusiasm with the world.

Happy running!

Helen xx